othotics and footwearHaving pain in your back and or feet?  You may be in need of Orthotics! Here at the clinic we offer Orthotics, Orthopedic Shoes, as well as braces. We take care of our patients and their needs.

Not many individuals come to realize that they do not have the proper footwear. Many have also come to realize that they are not paying proper attention to their feet; their arch for example. Many have either a high or very low arch. Shoes come in a basic model for the average foot. With Orthotics one can wear the shoes they desire with the absolute comfort of walking on a cloud. It is an easy solution. Orthotics 2

Foot orthotics can also reduce muscular fatigue and may help to promote more efficient muscle performance. Many biomechanical problems related to the feet are caused by plastic deformation- which occurs when connective tissue is placed under repetitive or constant stress. The connective tissue may slowly stretch over time. Increases in tissue length can cause greater bone instability in the foot and lead to issues such as over-pronation, or fallen arches.

People who are active in sports may find that custom orthotics help to increase endurance, strength and performance abilities. Individuals who are overweight may find that orthotics relieve the additional stress of extra weight off the ligaments in their feet and legs. The use of orthotics can help some people to avoid or prolong having surgery.

Individuals who may benefit from foot orthotics include people who stand or walk on hard surfaces for considerable amounts of time each day, who participate regularly in high-impact sports, have had previous foot or leg injuries, or experience joint pain when walking, running, or standing. Other people who have benefited from our products include :

OrthoticsFoot pain sufferers

In their lifetime, over 75% of North Americans will experience foot problems of varying degrees, some of which can be painful and disabling. In most cases, foot orthotics can be employed to help alleviate and even correct the condition.


Knee and back pain sufferers

Many people have chronic, lingering pain in their knees, hips and low back that has not responded to traditional treatment. If you are in this group, there may be a connection between the pain you are experiencing and the way your feet function. If your pain is due to your foot mechanics, orthotics can be a very effective way to relieve your symptoms.

People with diabetes

Diabetes frequently results in neuropathy, or nerve damage, in the feet. This can lead to sensation loss, leaving a patient unable to feel pain, heat or cold – which can also lead to stress and strain on other parts of the body. Millions of people use orthoses to reduce such strain.

People with arthritis

Arthritis is a destructive condition which affects the body’s joints. When it strikes certain joints in the body, a variety of painful conditions can arise. In many cases, foot orthoses can be employed to help patients retain and enhance mobility.

Athletes and runners

In an effort to enhance physical performance, many athletes rely on custom-made orthotics to keep the foot in its most efficient alignment, allowing the bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments to work at 100% efficiency, prevent injury, relieve pain and increase efficiency.

Those who want maximum comfort

In response to the rigorous demands on their feet, many individuals employ custom-made orthotics in their shoes and sneakers to help absorb and distribute shock while providing relief from daily stress and injury.