Whiplash, and whiplash associated disorders (WAD), are common conditions after car accidents. But patients can suffer whiplash as a result of sports injuries, too.

Whiplash happens quicker than the speed at which we can voluntarily contract our muscles in attempt to guard ourselves against injury.
When muscles, ligaments, and joint capsules become injured, there is pain, and as a result, a reflex muscle spasm occurs as the body attempts to “splint” the area to protect it.

To treat whiplash, Dr. Richard Tavares—Dr. Rick the Chiropractor—may use a combination of treatments such as spinal adjustments, mobilization, traction, exercises, and/or ice therapy.

In 2008, the Bone and Joint Decade Task reviewed 10 years of studies on the treatment of injuries sustained as a result of whiplash. These studies concluded that spinal manipulation for neck pain, headaches, whiplash, and other neck-related conditions was one of the most effective methods to ease pain

Chiropractic treatment was found to be less expensive, faster in obtaining satisfying results (shorter course of disability from whiplash), and most effective in terms of long-term benefits.


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